Search Engine Optimization

for +1000 Google Rankings!

Get thousands of top rankings by using a smart tactics with the only professional LongTail SEO solution worldwide. Boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and AdWords PPC advertising (SEA) to a new level.

Google AdWords Optimierung und Suchmaschinen Marketing

What we doing

We deliver organic traffic from thousands of additional Google top rankings. With the Ultra LongTail strategy, we are building gigantic new customer acquisition systems for selected partners. We go a lot further than standard SEO measures it ever will be able to be.

What you get

You get a highly efficient 360 degree optimization system that optimizes and measures all aspects of rankings to conversion. Because your customers will find you on almost all search terms on Google, you will get a de facto monopoly and will dominate all competitors.

Without fixed costs & risk

We do not just believe we know it. That’s why we offer the world’s most comprehensive optimization without any fixed costs. With us you do not pay for promises, but only for effectively generated success, so additional visitors.

How we do it

Within the Ultra LongTail (3 or more search terms), we are optimizing thousands of keywords simultaneously with each keyword and a matching landing page – an automation strategy that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Dominate your market

Imagine a market, in which no prospective customer can overlook your company. For our partners, PageGrid is the elementary factor for sustainable company success. Save yourself now one of the highly limited project slots.

Perfect user experience

Prospective customer, which see you immediately, will visit your website. Visitors, who find exactly what they were looking for, will inquire or buy directly. – Because PageGrid visitors land on a perfect landing page for every search term, the output is increased by 50% to 200% with the same number of visitors and without additional marketing costs for you.

Advantages compared to standard solutions

  • Suchmaschinenoptimierung

    Your monopoly
    within Google

  • Suchmaschinenoptimierung, AdWords & Lead Generierung

    your market

  • Suchmaschinenoptimierung erfolgsbasiert

    Only success
    otherwise no costs

  • Professionelle Suchmaschinenoptimierung / SEO Agentur

    Simultan optimization
    of + 10’000 keywords

  • Google Ranking Optimierung mit SEO

    No fixed costs
    and no risk

  • Suchmaschinen Marketing, Suchmaschinenmarketing erfolgsbasiert

    4 Guarantees
    for guaranteed success

Solutions for almost everyone

We select suitable customers and offer different solutions

  • Suchmaschinen Marketing, Suchmaschinenmarketing erfolgsbasiert


    You are barely experienced and looking for a reliable partner for your digital marketing.

  • Suchmaschinen Marketing, Suchmaschinenmarketing erfolgsbasiert


    You are an expert with many years of experience and want to bring your online marketing to the next level.

  • Suchmaschinen Marketing, Suchmaschinenmarketing erfolgsbasiert


    You offer agency-related services and want to make your customers and yourself more successful.

Important facts


of purchasing processes begin with a search on Google and Co.


of all search queries can be found in the LongTail section (3 or more keywords).


of all search queries, were previously entered by no other people, thats what Google says.

3 steps to your Google monopoly

99% of the project effort will be taken over by Uniplex

  • Business Interview - about 30 minutes

    Learn and define your company objectives

  • Keyword control - about 30 minutes

    Together we define the scope of search terms

  • Landingpage control - about 30 minutes

    You get several thousand personalized landing pages

  • 1. In the business interview, we will get to know your most important parameters for your marketing. Offer segments, target markets, languages, margins, conversion concepts, up to specific product synonyms of your products or services.

  • 2. The number of optimized keywords is unlimited and strongly dependent on your business. By carefully analyzing your company and your market, you will get a comprehensive list of relevant search terms, which will typically be several thousand keywords strong. This is checked by you and accepted.

  • 3. Structured in logical segments, you get a perfect landing page for each of your search terms, which is 100% perfectly matched to your website. Of course completely CI-conform and equipped with dozens of additional elements. Your visitors are greeted in a personalized way, they immediately find what they are looking for and therefore they will make much more contact requests.

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