Marketing power for successful companies

Optimize online marketing costs / benefits and leave competitors behind you

Optimize online marketing costs / benefits and leave competitors behind you

The magic of scalable online marketing

LongTail Suchmaschinenoptimierung / SEO für Profis

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Invest in high efficiencient solution and your own marketing framework that in the future will deliver a fortune on every marketing spending entity and enable you to get a high scalable business.

LongTail Suchmaschinenoptimierung / SEO für Profis

Mid term

Businesses running PageGrid love to pay for marketing, as they get a X time higher return on each spending.

LongTail Suchmaschinenoptimierung / SEO für Profis

Long term

Stop thinking in marketing costs. Start thinking in positive return per spending.


In every market niche you compete with hundreds of companies that use all almost identical SEO and SEA measures as well as tips. Ergo, all companies have a chance of success on top Google rankings of only about 1% or less.

Do you want to become market leader? Then you should think outside the box and start using tactics that your competitors do not have access to. Due to its cost / benefit, the Ultra LongTail range is practically not available for any company. Also with paid advertising (AdWords) this area (less than 10 search requests) can not be reached.

With PageGrid you will completely dominate the LongTail market in your niche from A to Z. Do not waste money and resources for standard measures which have almost no effect. With PageGrid you reach Top 10 Ranking with an average 65% probability.

Apply now for one of the few PageGrid project slots.

70% of search is LongTail

More than ⅔ of all searches come from low volume keywords with more than 3 terms (LongTail). A giant potential that is completely ignored by companies.

Long tail graphic
Long tail 70% of all traffic
Nrb of keywords Nrb of monthly search

The good points

of reaching long tail queries

LongTail Suchmaschinenoptimierung / SEO für Profis

There is almost no competition in LongTail

Organic optimisation costs are similar for each keyword. Because LongTail keyword often generate only 1 visitor per month, this effort will never pay off when done manually. Thats why there is no competition in longtail.

Dynamisches Landingpage-System

Manual LongTail optimisation don’t pay off

When done manually it often would require hundreds of years to generate enough visitors to pay off initial investment of that keyword optimisation

LongTail Suchmaschinenoptimierung / SEO für Profis

Large scale LongTail optimisation is the key

Having thousand of top rankings, generating even more thousand of visitors without any competition sounds good.

What is a Google monopoly

And why you should consider it

Your Website is very likely catch max. 1% of precious Google search traffic. Websites running PageGrid catch up to 25%. Start dominating your market now!

SEO / SEA / best Google Rankings

How we make it possible?

Normally Google forward users to several thousand websites, meaning that mathematically every website gets only a tiny share of the search potential.

70% of used keywords are LongTail (3 or more terms).

By optimizing thousands of LongTail Keywords simultaneously, PageGrid can boost your Google market share into a monopoly.


There are no setup costs, no monthly basic fees, there is only a success budget = cost roof, which you define yourself and with which you can generate at least 1000 visitors per month. Contact us to see if your company and website are suitable for PageGrid.

For the ranking packages any company can apply. However, we can only offer a performance package to companies that fulfill the following three criteria:
1. They have a verified business model and positive ROOM (Return on Online Marketing)
2. You can provide enough liquidity for growth and expansion
3. You are ready to enter into a sustainable and strategic partnership

1. Business Interview
2. Pre-study (optional)
3. Keyword phase
4. Landingpage phase
5. Indexing phase
6. Detail phase

First, a long-term partnership begins with giving, and second, we are 100% convinced of the benefits. We place great emphasis on trust, which is why a project can never be a failure for our customers through our success-based model.

1. You will be visible to practically any interested person - no matter which search term is used
2. The quality of your visitors will increase significantly
3. Your visitors will be much more likely to create a request or maybe buy directly
4. The bottom line is that you will receive significantly more performance for the same marketing spend
5. At the same time you will have much more time for other tasks and can save many unnecessary costs

It is primarily an organic optimization for all search engines. In addition, your personal project manager also coordinates and integrates paid campaigns for you, so that we can get the maximum performance from A to Z at all levels. On request and where it is useful, further sources are added by arrangement.

Our concept is very sophisticated and complex - for you it should be as simple as possible. That is why we would like to make your billing as easy as possible. Google as well as AdWords support charges are already included in the flat rate and are accepted by us. That's why there is only one bill for everything.

You will see the first Google Top Rankings of your domain after a few weeks. Your project manager will keep you up to date. In addition, customers with their own PageGrid Control Panel can track all project objectives, results and rankings live online.

Depending on when we can offer a available project slot, we always need a signed contract at least 3 to 4 weeks before your desired date, which also serves as a reservation of your project lot.

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