Boost your sales efficiency by 500%

Identify companies on your Website in real-time and know what they are searching for.
Close deals at the right moment with the right offer.

Core features

  • Real-time lead identification

    Transform anonymous website visitors into valuable B2B leads

    • Business Name
    • Google search terms
    • Contact information
    • Exact Location
    • Website journey
  • Focus sales on hottest leads

    Achieve maximum sales-force results with minimal effort

    • Real-time notifications
    • Lead scoring system
    • Flag hot leads
    • Multi criteria data filters
  • Maximise sales & marketing ROI

    Outperform your competition and accelerate your ROI

    • Av. 8x more leads
    • Max. sales efficiency
    • Flag hot leads
    • Multi criteria data filters

Boost your sales

How to increase your sales efficiency by up to 500%

  • The right company...

    Know what companies are looking for your offers

  • the right time...

    Know when a company is really ready for your call

  • ...with the right topic

    Know all products or services they are interested in

Get unfair advantages

What areas will your company dominate?

  • Suchmaschinen Marketing, Suchmaschinenmarketing erfolgsbasiert

    Outbound sales

    Get in touch with new companies in the perfect moment

  • Follow up quotes

    Close more quotes by knowing when they revisit your website

  • Up- & cross selling

    Sell more to your existing clients by knowing what offers the evaluate as well

A user friendly interface

All you need in one single place

Unipex interface

See who is interested

Uncover company names that visited your website and evaluated your Products or Services.

Unipex interface

See what a company is looking for

Instantly know what they searched at google and how much time they spent on your topic subpages within your website

Unipex interface

Understand prospects desires

Sell simply better by knowing what content was highly interesting to the visiting company and successfully up- or crosssell.

Unipex interface

Plan your leads

Flag hot leads to later follow up. See instant lead scoring colours and know if company might have already converted.

Unipex interface

Easy lead manager

Keep on track with status and take simple notes for next steps on every single lead

Unipex interface

Company information lookup

1 click results for Google insights. Quickly find the right LinkedIn or XING employee to get in touch


Whoever you are, we have a plan for you

Company size Up to 50 employees Company size 50 - 100 employees Company size More than 100 employees
Company identifications per monthUnlimited Company identifications per monthUnlimited Company identifications per monthUnlimited
Data from the past (days, months, years)Unlimited Data from the past (days, months, years)Unlimited Data from the past (days, months, years)Unlimited
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